It just feels So ominous

Zimbabwe and the Hwange National Park
A splendid place
The largest Natural reserve I hear
Where many animals grace
Between Bulawayo and the Victoria Falls
So famous in a way
Close to Dete and the Kalahari
A Great Place to Spend a day

Photographing wild life
And so to hear the news
That China is wanting to mine there
Beginning to turn the screws
Towards some coal production
The future feeling real bleak
For the BIG Five
They all Must come in contact
It’s clearly going to be
Conflict with the animals
So that’s bad ZIMBABWE

Already elephants dying
Bacteria they say
Mining getting core samples
It’s frightening away
The animals and sadly
This mining venture will
Be bad for conservation
I can feel that chill

Blowing through Hwange
Already death comes fast
If its not the poachers
Perhaps the die is cast
Zimbabwe Getting greedy
Opening its park
Conflicting with its animals
And leaving a mark

China is out there flexing
Its muscles so to say
And the wild ones they are suffering
Already they can play
A huge Part in the future
Tourism will die
Being gifted with wild animals
You must ask yourselves why

The big five
A colossal draw
Why would you want to lose
Why go over to mining
In a park, that’s awful news
China is being arrogant
And evil if you ask me
They need to now restrain themselves
And stop this infamy

Land clearance and
Road building
Surveys shouldn’t be
Carving up the park
For coal is so filthy
Your ministers to agree to this
Paints them in a way
That shows really how hopeless
They are, I have to say

Pathogenic and infective
Chemicals everywhere
Fire and smoke
It is no joke
You must be more aware
Wild animals and mining
What could now be worse
It’s as if your senses have been drained
By some infernal curse.

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