“Gulf livestock”became their horrendous grave

New Zealand they are at it too
Live exports
Moral turpitude
Thousands of pregnant cows aboard
And a crew of 43
From Napier to Tangshan
In China
What a journey
The cruelty personified
It’s just what shippers do

Thrown about in storm force winds
Those animals bruised and broken
Just imagine the panic
A great god had spoken
Thrust upon each other
Frightened half to death
Knowing not what was happening
And fighting for their breath

Pitch black dark
The ocean
boiling at that time
All aboard the Panamanian vessel
There’s no rhyme
or reason
To be out here
Except the Chinese need
All these cows to murder
For the people who will feed

A voyage to being slaughtered
And man to make his killing
A Container ship remodelled
Everyone was willing
Into a livestock carrier
New Zealand take a bow
Now you are in the spotlight
Ask yourselves now how

You sleep at night
41 crew and almost 6000 souls
Drowning in a melee
Of death assuming roles
Of utter insignificance
What a way to die
Struggling in pitch darkness
Listen to them cry

The farmers have their money
New Zealand is sleeping sound
Out there in the ocean
They were China bound
Cows and sheep all pregnant
Compassion none at all
New Zealand and Australia
breaking every rule

It’s underhand and wrong
To ship live animals this way
Subjecting them to horrors
Almost every day
These are living breathing worrying
Souls we disregard
Females, mothers wondering
Why are their lives so hard

If there is a god above
Hathor ought to know
What farmers and what shippers
The live exports that grow
Ever bigger by tHe shipload
And they sleep at night
Tucked up in their swaddling
When I know it isn’t right

Martyrdom is evident
They are all complicit
Shipping females on the sea
Aiding and abetting
Malpractice it just feels
Wrong from every aspect
And this voyage reveals

A lack of contrition
A stubbornness to feel
Some people are just obdurate
Somehow they do reveal
A lack of care and duty
To the animals as they
Suffer in their hundreds
Every moment of every day

Respect a word thats seldom
Combined with animals who
Are shipped around the world
And few now take the view
That living breathing soulful cows
And sheep who think and dream
Should be given due respect
More so than it would seem

For me an animal must have rights
It’s a miracle alive
The irreverence we give them
Whether or not they survive
Their insured so shippers
Will get paid
Either way you see
Animals become victims
When exported off by sea

Neglected that’s for certain
Under valued too
Humiliated it goes without saying
What long voyages do
Insulting and outrageous
Injurious for sure
In this case they have
all lost their lives
Which the world at large ignore

Writing here it’s a tearful time
There’s no honour anymore
What ought to be done
And what was done
Nobody is sure
Did they get a Bounden duty
Were we obligated to
Save them from the maelstrom
No that is my view

100 miles off japan
The typhoon raging through the sky
Everything went haywire
And no one to watch them die
A Torrent it exploded
Man and beast were lost
A maelstrom in the making
And who would count the cost

New Zealand ceases exporting
Alive alive oh
The didn’t have the empathy
They just let these ships go
All these frantic animals
Standing all the way
Hell on earth for animals
Who always have to pay

LIVE EXPORTS an anathema
Most never make it they
Are thrown about and injured
And shippers think okay
As long as some of them make it
It’s worth the shipping, they
Should spend the voyage sat by their side
Yes all the fucking way

Experience the undueness
The deprivation they
Suffer in their deepest thoughts
Every single day
The unjustifiability
The misjudgement of it all
It’s unfitting and inappropriate
And downright wrong to call

And the heartlessness apparent
The unfeeling impassive way
Dry eyed and stone hearted
They make so many pay
It’s remorseless and inflexible
No quarter given here
Load them up and ship them off
Along with all that fear

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