The mindless profiteering
The gullible the weak
The poverty of purity
It’s what the masses seek
The freshest food available
Alive, alive oh
Watch it’s eyes they follow you
Just where you might go

The hot plate it is boiling hot
Oil and sauce around
The chef a thoughtless careless creep
His spirit no ones found
He takes the crab avoids its pincers
And places it on the fire
He cannot hear it’s screams
And realise how dire

It is to carry out this festering evil
Every day
A wife and children left at home
Possibly the pay
Buys them life outside of course
Know one questions how
And that he is torturing animals
Crabs even a cow

Chickens suckling piglets
Fulfilling his role
As chef to the rich Diners
Who also have no soul
He cuts the strings and watches
The crabs all sizzle there
The evil of his action
Causing such despair

More oil more sauce
More heat the sizzling of death
Writhing in the smoke and flames
Forgoing all the breath
That god had placed within them
This monster chef he knew
He has to now dismember them
And plate them up And do

The necessary decor
Add some extra sauce
Death came very slowly
A matter of course
Cooking in their juices
Crying in their soul
That’s somebody’s dinner
That someone else had stole

Such spuriousness and treachery
And no one gives a damn
They break the shells and like the smells
And in their dry throats cram
Lumps of dead flesh drenched in sauce
Play acting all the while
Crunching on the bones and skin
That we vegans know is vile

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