BOSCO the bear

For a wild bear to suffer
The horrid conditions
A concrete pit
and on hard concrete ground
Stuck on a box
Surrounded by rocks
Listen to her to her sound

Arthritis affects her she clearly
Now At this so called rough roadside zoo
Where the owners are clearly an ignorant bunch
So clearly have not got a clue
She is suffering badly
And is not cared for sadly
A concrete pit where she lies
Suffering badly clearly now madly
Will be in this hole till she dies

And Her owner is clearly an ignorant sod
With not a hAppeth of care
Empathy they do not know what the word means
Just stupid and so Unaware
She needs now to go to a sanctuary
Where there’s grass and some trees and a pool
Stuck in this prison from morning till night
She is going right up the wall

Suffering boredom and madness
It’s not a place for a bear
Give her some greenery give her some hope
Let’s see her happy somewhere

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