The trophy murderer

The impulse to kill
The excitement so called
A sort of arousal for some
Aaron a prophet a brother of Moses
But a hunter today leaves me numb

To the Arrogance out there
The feeling that they
Can do what they like
If they choose to pay
It’s all about money
30,000 to shoot
A Pachyderm tusker
Which I do refute
Going for trophies
To return with the head
To sample the flesh
That really led
Him to travel to Africa
Yea from LA
10 thousand miles
Just for one day

In reality callous
A heart of stone
Aloof and distant
Unruffled alone
With his thoughts
On the subject
He has his ideas
And downing an elephant
He has no fears

a majestic soul
So wanting to be
Alive and experiencing
Life’s constancy
Lives where he was put
By GODS own fair hand
But a crane driver For LA
Thinks that it’s Grand

To shoot down this soul
He has money, to pay
And with that money
Can blow souls away
life forms sensitives
Creatures of age
But the crane driver’s
Paid up
And just feels that rage

Calls us cry babies
That some of us care
for taking the elephants side
He, unaware
Of the elephants need
To breathe the warm Air
To taste the green leaves
And to walk everywhere

The elephants joy
Means nothing to him
His prodigality spent on a whim
And the great heartache
The waking nightmare
Of an elephant Coming to grief
On a prayer
Of the Crane Driver Hunter
Whose killed many souls
Stalked them and murdered
Them, taken the roles
Of assassin because he had money
And he
Could spend it how he liked
Ending lives constantly

It took five shots
To kill the elephant who
He shot in the head first
And it sunk, as some do
On its knees crying out
In such pain little thoughts
Passing by rapidly
For now he sports
A raging he fires three more shots
To the head
Over three minutes
Bangs in the lead!

The victim falters
That pain it was fierce
His suffering wretched
The bullets did pierce
The angst and the anguish
His one tortured eye
Saw the crane driver hunter
Before he did die

The creep took his time
And the elephant knew
Suffered in silence
Like turning a screw
In ones brain but the killer
Was satisfied he
Was the greatest of hunters
Enabled and free

He has his excuses
It’s good what he does
He spends his hard earned
And he gets a buzz
As the largest land animal
Teeters and falls
He hears its last rumble
And know that his balls

are bigger than cry babies
One such as I
Who watch and Who listen
For the victim, I cry
If big balls equates
To a heart made of stone
Than I feel very proud
To also be alone

Then To hack off its head
To be stuffed and sent back
America ought to stop trophies
They lack
True sensitivity
Cadavers and more
I hear that in fact they Are changing
The law

And although he paid 10,000 dollars
To stuff
The elephants head
Enough is enough!

They chopped up the animal
And so I hear
He ate some steak chewed it
Up, all of that fear
All that adrenaline
All of that hurt
The crane driver hunter
Will never convert

Cry babies thankfully
And Peta will see
If they can force hunters
To cease urgently
The animal tribes
Have as much right to be
Living their lives
In a true harmony

Where Elephants die
And others will come
To pay their respects
And of course some
Will feed on their flesh
Will chew Bone and skin
And it’s soul will be free
Of what is man made sin.

the elephant strayed into their activity

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