Elephants rights in Thailand

This appeal is to TOURISTS
You are the ones
Who go out to Thailand
Your daughters and sons
Expecting to gain sight
Of Elephants there
To ride On their backs
And you don’t even care

That by riding on their backs
You injure them so
The circus the festivals
Refuse to go
Painting and washing
See them in chains
Frightened of noise
Of fire
It so pains

These wonderful souls
Trafficked around
Subjected to PHAJAAN
Torture does abound
Breaking their spirit
So people like you
Can ride on their backs
You know that it’s true

Families split up
Babies then lost
No mothers milk
And at a huge cost
To the long term survival
Of elephants who
Need their mothers milk
Unlike most of you

Fed on cows products
That do make us fear
Long term we need human milk
That much is clear
BREAST feeding babies really do well
Cow fed babies not so
So it is important
Now when you go

The entertainment
And religious pursuits
Boycott them widely
It’s at their roots
The pachyderm souls
Can not cope with the noise
With the fire and the brimstone
Cancelling their joys

Animals rights require
Your respect
Elephants, watch them
But see they are checked
Don’t wallow In torture
To the ignorant who
Are making a living
By disrespect it’s true

If you are going to Thailand
Respect them don’t go
Where they are painting or washing
Of part of some show
And if I see you up on their backs
What I do
Is get out my camera
And photograph you

And put it in the newspaper
Under insensitive tourism

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