adenochrome junkies

The hooves of the given
In sickness and darkness
So many children
were victims all through
Soaked in the filthiest
compost imaginable
The infamous players
Its true
loaded with money
and malevolent seed
The vile puppet tribes
evil born
The lame stream media’s
unpublished accounts
Adenochrome junkies
such scorn
Sloshing about
in a blood soaked morass
faces that most of us knew
From bottom less pits
where the ugliest shits
Chose the gravest of stones
for to screw
Pizza the gate
into darkness
Blood guzzling fiends
shunned the light
Lucifer worshipped
the Vatican too
Infamous spot lighted zombies
on view
Royal families And dubious blood lines
Hollywood lost and opaque
Publicity vampires needed to be
In a diabolists cake
Upside down crosses just everywhere
Spirits a cooking with sperm
So many names playing terrible games
Torturing babies long term
Symbolism will be their downfall
Paedophilia so much despair
Children in care neglected abused
And Child trafficking it’s everywhere.

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