Abusing Elephants

Mahouts are men of honour
And are obliged to know
Using them for rides
Is wrong
Dishonesty on show
Its not a done thing
Not at all
Jaipur should realise
Abusing them is artfulness
And such action does appal

You are all betraying
The elephants today
Aiding and abetting
It’s simply not the way
Elephants are not meant to walk
On highways
And therefore
Using them to carry loads
Is not what they are for

Their weight alone
On made up roads
Is Uncaring
For their feet
And you as mahouts ought to know
You have no excuse
It is a wicked business
It’s unlawful if you ask me
Tyrannical and spurious
it’s Just criminality

It’s very very punishing
Walking on the street
Carrying bloody tourists
Who ought to use their feet
Thrashing them with bull hooks
To frighten and to scare
You are acting just like devils
And they know how unfair

You are and as for the tourists
As insensitive as hell
Wicked as the day is long
Their poor old feet they swell
How you neglect their being
By installing the seats
Disrespecting Nature
With your circle of defeats

India should know better
Despite the house arrest
Could see through all your selfishness
And subsequently test

The complexity of issues
An amazing sleight of hand
Sorcery and other wordly
Punishments doth land
The bull hook takes a thrashing
Which is why they are still
Making out your reasons
And why their blood we spill

The mahout a class where caring
Was the order of the day
To see an elephant stitched
Up in a peculiar display
Of torment of regalia of ceremonial pain
Does not show elephant in good light
For then they have no gain

Tis then when the whole tradition
Falls flat and is no more
When the elephants weep longer
Than they ever wept before
When the buckle under enormous stress
Caring passengers to
Places and they are suffering
We all know what to do

Realise the mahout has in fact lost their way
Given in to commerce it’s when animals pay
The price long term for the evil
A punishment of sorts
It’s when the ache of ages
Paralyses all our thoughts
When tourists show their true colours
On the backs we know
How much the elephants suffer
And it gets tougher down below

Swelling leads to lameness
To the constancy of city streets
And where is the mahout the men of honour
Their tone unseats
The threats of then experiencing
Each step to broach the fire
It’s then when such commitment
Takes the torment even higher

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