The goat farm in Yorkshire

Thanks goodness for SURGE
Who had more than an urge
To check out the GOAT farm
Huge numbers were kept
By those Not so adept
Giving them
Big time despair

Even toed ungulates
Intelligent animals they
Are very curious and very agile
Outside feeding
They spread every day
A four chambered stomach
Many have beards
philosphers in many ways
And so being brutal
It won’t go down well
For eventually everyone pays

At Far Marsh Farm
The founder
Angus Wiekkopolski
Said he
Didn’t have a clue
What was happening
And if he doesn’t know
Then sadly

No wonder the goats
Got a thrashing
The workers
So called
Love to be
Punching them hitting them
With their long poles
Grabbing their ears

Slamming Them down on the ground
When they felt like it
The work man had no feeling They
Showed wilful neglect
And rebellious ways
Utter contempt we can say
Clearly with no understanding
Of the ancestral roots
Goats proclaim
They go back a long way
Heritage wise
So respect is a need
Let me say

I know quite a lot about goats
And the need to respect them
For each has its worth
Using expletives and threatening behaviour
They just were not put on gods earth
To face shit from ugly humans
It’s a good job, three of them have been
Sacked but the whole bloody lot of them
Asking why were they obscene

Given reverence Goats are real joyful
Playful intelligent they
Dogs a run for their money
On brains
So bashing them that’s not the way
And bloody great contracts
With food chains
Just shows you how they checked out
If it wasn’t for SURGE and animal rights
We might have still not known about

They should close this place down
For certain
They just are unworthy to run
Animals have hearts and minds
They are worthy
Of love and attention and fun
I despise how so many treat animals
This lot have shown us that their
Morality just didn’t matter
No obligation to care

And Goats I can tell you
They feel it
Inappropriate behaviour
They know
Uneven or weighted they feel
They know when handlers are ruthless
And they know when people are real
They also are very responsive
A kind word a pat and a smile
Animals lives are important
They don’t want you to feel their futile

I love goats
Born in the Chinese year of the Goat
Under the sign of ARIES

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