The Fold Bransford

An island oasis
A cafe a shop
A sequence of ideals
A great place to stop
Herb gardens dotted around
Souls who care
Principled pure minded
Very Aware

It’s a concept of caring
Of sharing and we
Went over to see it
and, thankfully
They went out of their WaY
To be kind and we felt
Welcome In Bransford
Seemingly dealt

A good hand, the weather
Was warm and was calm
Treatment rooms car parking
A good sized farm
So everything going
For them I can say
A nicely stocked shop
With a varied display

Some lovely trees
And farm buildings around
It’s ethicality
Easily found
Fair minded people
Appreciative they
To the fact that we drove there
To see them today

The Fold
Worcester just four miles away
A village a parish
The Malvern Hills play
Their art in the distance
With a gentle blue
Not far from the Teme
And to Leigh a fine view
From the granite and limestone
Those fissures retain
Rainwater and from the springs
We all gain.for some 400 years
The water has been
A Fabulous bevy fit for a queen.

Thanks to all of you who helped us today

We do Appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness

2 comments on “The Fold Bransford

  1. Samantha on said:

    Thank you Rex, such a beautiful poem! I will share to everyone.

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Samantha and William and everyone

    Glad you liked it you are indeed special in our eyes
    And I hope it helps you deserve everything you get

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