Taj Farrant

He loves his hats
He loves his hair
and He rockS
Unsullied He
Pure minded makes his music
For his flock who gleefully
listen and are captured
By what is his searing flame it’s burning
Its Discerning And so moving
It’s the same
Conjured from
Enchantment and pure magic
Flawless pitched and
Unsurpassed and pure
played so masterfully
His fingers watch and see
An excellence beyond his years
The lure

It’s in his face
It’s in his eyes
His eminence let’s say
It’s enlightening the poise
The light
Every single day
His awareness is spectacular
He Deciphers age old soul
You know that he is believing
When he slips into his role
Riffs like streams of mountain mists
That come and go and blow
Away the varied mysteries
It’s all part of his show

Taj the one and only
A minstrel bold and new
A sapling with a resonance
Beyond what we hold true
The salad days of childhood
A beacon casting light
An authentic tangible phenomenon
Inimitable that’s right

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