Rowldritch acorn

What more fitting a gift
Than an acorn for they
Are a symbol of strength and power
That The Oak Casts away
That wild souls consume
Like the Squirrel and Pig
The Bear and the Deer
Both liking to dig

It’s said if one catches
One falling
One will
have no colds that Winter
Whatever the chill

From mature Oaks
In groves long ago
Druids held rituals
As many now know
It was lightening strikes
Great magic tis said
That brought the Mistletoe
Into ones head

Gog and Maegog
At Glastonbury
Gender is masculine
As old as can be
Element fire
Planet the Sun
Deities Several
Dagda Be done
Dianas Jupiter Hecate
Erato and Pan
And a few more
Zeus Berne and Rhea
Powers many they
Protection and health
And healing they say
The Oak has a potency
Witches agree
To dance under Oaks
Is the best place to be
And Druids in their groves
Did ritual ascribe
In the aura of duir
Quercus alba The tribe

It’s been said that
Thor did shelter a lot
Under tall Oaks
For the strength that he got
And ladies wore acorns
As talismans for
Remaining youthful
For perhaps evermore

Acorns on window sills
Took on the power
Of protection from lightening strikes
Hour after hour
To plant an acorn
In the dark of the moon
Ensures those who do that
will be richer soon

Dew under an oak
Is a magickal thing
An aid to beauty
Certain to bring
A wonderful glow
To ladies applying
This water of life
Their beauty defying

A symbol of balance
It’s great roots push deep
As high as it rises
Such strength it does reap
It’s head in the clouds
It’s roots in the earth
Whatever the storm
It creates its own worth

The Rowldritch Stones
Close by Silbury Hill
An ancient temple
Near ebury still

Perhaps we should all
Call up warriors who
From the pagan community
Do what they do
Fight with true spirit
Stand toe to toe
Across fields of gold
To help us to rise now
And, just feel bold

Empowered by the aura
To engage with the soul
And all of our magick
To take back control
From the illuminati
The secret cabal
Their manipulation
And recreate Sal
With its alkaline
For a vitamin jolt
And It’s ancient Yang energy
A goodly result

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