Sea World your indictment
Your insincerity
Corruptible and shameful
Of mammals from the sea
Profit wavering loyalty
An unconscientiousness
All see
Almost racketeering
The vilest Criminality

Far from philanthropic
They were covetous with greed
They had no defence whatsoever
The balance sheet they feed
Not mitigating circumstances
No justice none at all
A wondrous ocean mammal
You tried to over rule

You thought being exclusive
That your profits would stay high
The cruelty you overlooked
And your statements all a lie
The Orca liveS in family groups
And dives and swims away
Long distances therefore to hunt
Them and to think that they

Could Ever live in captivity
Goes against gods will
Which proves how your dark arrogance
Allows their blood to spill
Allows the torture hourly
Your outlawry creates much
Agony and frustration
Sea World so out of touch
With any kind of reality
Their misery we feel
Compassion leaves us ashen
At your selfishness and zeal
At capturing and leaving
Ocean mammals in a bath
Of artificiality
Exuding so much wrath

It’s never curiosity
Nor knowledge not all all
You have no counter argument
Their backs are to the wall
They destroy their teeth
Biting on bars
Trying to get free
You and your directors
How guilty they all be

There is no excuse for such abuse
And there are no Allowances
All of that is a ruse
Downplaying your evil
As just cause
can never be
What you have done to Orca’s
Is The most heinous crime in History

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