Social distancing
Face masks
Covid death inflation
It’s sUbjugation we

Are being slowly softened up
By the cabalistic few
Our genocidal masters
Who do what that lot do

Kill the poor old people
Who have worked their whole lives through
Paid their taxes and national insurance
And now of course we screw
Their arses frightening them to death
To suicide and more
Torture them and frighten them
Till they won’t leave their door

Put them under house arrest
Watch the suicides
Creep up almost everywhere
Mental health yes too
Keep away from the hospital
They have nothing for you

The next thing is the vaccine
With control chips and the rest
Nano tech and metals
Thought out to be the best
Big pharma has created it
So it is good for you
Listen to BILL GATES and his crowd
They know what to do

Experts yea in medicine
In AI and the like
Psychopaths the lot of them
They should go for a hike
Go and join the lemmings
Back to the swamp where they
Clearly came from if you ask me
And should go back right away

It’s the NWO clan
Pulling all the strings
And the puppet politicians
Treat us all like things
We have lost our human status
We are bugs now it appears
Chem trails four plus one g
And the need to harvest tears

Restrictions they are coming
We cannot go abroad
We cannot do this
Cannot do that
The vaccine our reward
Then they can come control us
Otherwise we will
Be barred from any travel
House arrest yes still

No hospital appointments
Nothing will we get
Refusal of the vaccine
Then they will not let
Us be part of society
We will be the underlings
The heathens the great unwashed
And all that that then brings

And nothing here is legal or lawful
Not at all
They are running great big rings around us
And we fall
Down on our sore knees and beg for
An hour or two to jog
To run off to the market
and possibly walk the dog

Yes they are killing lots of us
And want to kill some more
They made it up they lie to us
It’s an internal war
Of nerves of all the shit they can
Make up and drive us down
Beat us up day in day out
In corvid we all drown

The BBC and lame media hAve rattled out each day
We must lock ourselves in chains
For that’s is the best way
We cannot see our loved ones
Cannot mAke new friends
Or the coppers will be after us
And that is where it ends

World wide depopulation
Sacrifice the poor
Sacrifice the old ones
We don’t want them anymore
The masons and the pedo’s and the bankers
And the Rest
They are taking over
Putting us all to the test

Do we lay down and let them walk all over us
Or stand up and be counted

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