My sanity

There was a time within
My living memory
When I was wild and freedom
Was my thing
Captivity the enemy of wildness
Derangement and delusions
Though does bring
Confusion and a mania of purpose
A sort of imbecility I feel
One I had a love and I so enjoyed my days
But now being a solitary
I deal

Is sadness and a dark dementia
Concrete all around me everywhere
The sun burns hot upon my back
No muds for me to try
And obviate the problem
and of course I don’t know why

Just dying here of loneliness
Going raving mad
There were days when I recall the joy
But now alone and sad
I fester in my shadow
I wanted so to see
My friend of many years before
To hear her voice and be

In her wondrous aura
Imagining her soul
And I am so much poorer
And it’s taking a toll
A meaningless existence
Inexpressive and inane
I now know that I loved her
But I am close to insane

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