My dear friend Alan

You were alone
When it happened
Resolute, dreaming perhaps
A lapse to the norm
Just feeling warm
A solution the kind that just wraps
Itself in a limbo of being
Oblivious almost of things
Abstracted and taken
Away in that moment
Remembering though
You had wings

To fly on the premise
Of futures
Confident that you could sail
Into the sunset
On a wayward draught
Forewarned and forearmed
With your own special craft

Aware of your knees
And your hands and your wings
A trick of the light
Where everything brings
Anticipation prophetic, a taste
Perhaps a foreboding
Of what you now faced

Surmising just mooting
The future ahead
A tinkling cymbal played
Loud in your head
It felt incoherent
A stammering guide
Unrecognisable from deep inside

almost esoteric
Unspeakably you
Were drifting
And life seemed
Untranslatable too

Alan thinking of you hoping you are realising
Rest from the rigours is now paramount
A poem of an experience I believe you felt

what is important now is your journey
Back to the normality that rest and family care
Will give you

Rex x

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