it’s wonderful it’s marvellous

What you do with Cashew Nuts
With Coconut and yeast
Miso, Salt and Onion Powder
create for me a feast
On sough dough toast
The flavour
Is a magical treat
Beyond the state of wonderment
Something I can eat

And that’s despite the lock downs
The terror and the awe
Your wonderful cheese
I love it
And just want to buy more
I gasp with admiration
And bewilderment, when I
Get the paper off the cheese
And taste it
Which is why

It is a stroke of genius
A transformative scene
What you do with ingredients
Is miraculous
I have been
Vegan many decades
But your cheese is the best by far
And it’s made in ENGLAND
Dear Ellie
You are a star

Clearly it is made with love
It’s sensational, I say
Really a wonder of the world
For the vegans come what may
And I would pay a ransom
For what is sheer delight
It’s exquisite
And I love it
Every single bite

When farm drop’s van
Comes to my door
A smiling face I see
With a bounty of true riches
And then happier I be

Thank you all for all you do

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