Huntress philosophy

The huntress with the mostest
The morals she displays
Rooted in her enablement
To persevere she says
To drive a lot of distance
To hunt to eat to wear
She learned it from her father
Who like her is aware

Nature and prey animals
Are good to stalk and kill
Camouflaged from head to toe
Developing a will
Going after a loner
A really tough old bear
Or a solitary Moose
Her would be foe
When she is out there

Clearly she has privilege
Or at least she thinks she does
A city girl is she
So getting out in the wilderness
Is where she needs to be
Ever since she was 18
She’s been hunting all alone
Conservation it’s her thing
And of course has shown
Us all what a great shot she is
Bagging many bears
Moose and other solitaries
She’s not splitting hairs

She reckons trolls on media
Give her a hard time
Because most think the animals
Should kill her and my rhyme
Might suggest that also
But what I think she should do
Is philosophise
without killing
For the outcome there is true

She scoffs the dead flesh
Wears the fur
Boils the horns and antlers
If only we all were
Following in her footsteps
The carnivores she means
Giving her a hard time
Whilst eating from a store
In my case dear I am vegan
Longer than before

You were just a baby
Some fifty years for me
I have not ate dead flesh
So I think my philosophy
Is much to do with conserving
Than you, you misfit, you
If anyone is a troll around here
It’s you who have no clue

Russian are you good for you
Kamchatka such A brute
And you brought it down
A tiny girl
Because you learned to shoot
And pose with your dead victims
Let the universe know
What a beautiful women does
Out there in the snow

Alexander TYatcheva
Your Courage it exceeds
A simple Poet who rages
About hunting
And succeeds
In calling out the rotters
With nothing better to do
Than murder animals before their time
Yes my dear like YOU.

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