Hound dumping

There comes a time
Where lack of care and unconcern
Normally when the hunting season ends
The dogs demise
Comes from heartless brazen gits
Whose dourness and thick skin
Allows them just to kill their dogs
For by doing so they win

The animal has given its all
Through the season
At the end though it will just
Be sat at home in call
And hunters have no qualms then about
Killing them
Spiritless individuals
After all

In Spain the galgos
Get a raw and horrid deal
The greyhound dogs are hung
Or shot when they
Stop winning or don’t get a place
That’s when the master kills
These miserable hunting fellows
They lose face

Keeping dogs on holiday
Is not a good idea
Kill them and buy new ones
Makes sense for them it’s clear
Compassionless and stupid
And ignorant as well
All hunters seen to kill their dogs
Should eventually go to HELL
And they will these blithering idiots
Life apparently
Means nothing they have little use
For any loyalty
They are not prepared to look after to feed them
Or to school
Unless they fetch the wounded game
Or win races
They are put down

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