Gifted forests

The Cameroon is suffering
It’s forestry imploding
Corruption and black market
Dealers rapidly eroding
All the profit and the growth
And treasure that
god made
All these trees are being felled
It’s criminal these logs laid
Everywhere the people
Suffering today
The low land gorillas suffering too
All being made to pay

Destruction it is final
The land so rich and true
Being ripped up with the logging
What can the government do
Under resourced and understaffed
But long term what we see
Is total death and destruction
Which Doesn’t have to be

The need is for you to
Up and see the terror
That the criminals now do
Cameroon was gifted
Wild animals and trees
And the gangsters and there are many
Will bring you to your knees

The animals are priceless
The people around a bout
They have a reason to want to live
And protect there is no doubt
I’d this destruction continues
Your country will be no more
Murdering the wildlife
What they hell are you doing that for

Share the profit for the trees
Save the forests save the gorillas save all the wild animals
Make Cameroon great again

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