Cameroon’s most precious resource

We are selling ourselves short
What is an irreverence
The great aged forests
Priceless if sold
Trees of great age
And a wealth of wild treasures
Gifted by the gods
And right off the page
When It comes to wonders
Such admiration
Miraculously so
Breathtaking medicines
Yet to be discovered
And wonderful wild souls
Who are in the know

Mandrills and the Columbus
Pangolins, Elephants
All of repute
They know the aura
The mystique and flora
The Ministry of Foresry
Will be the poorer
For tearing it all down
Logging, destroying
The unbelievable lineage
Wasted forlorn
The flourish of richness
Great groves of splendour
A living pageantry
All of it torn

Down in crescendo’s
Of many offended
Crushing retort
And shame and disgrace
confusion and chaos
Witness the thunder
As Nobleness crashes down
All over the place
They boast that the palm oil
Will make back the money
It is a travesty
And it is wrong
You put into peril the wildness
Of Nature
Ignore the gods wisdom
For we all belong

In a land before time
To a great princely kingdom
Affording the animals
Homes that they know
Tearing it all down
Replacing with Palm Oil
Will be a catastrophe
A terrible blow
Cameroon raise your tune
The forest uniquely
Your selling point
Your celebration
The jubilant voices
Of all the wild species
A marriage of miracles
Yes you have choices

Don’t be impatient
With the best intentions
Bounteous unjealous beauty
Gentleness softness
Blessings of heaven
Responsive benevolence
All of these lives
Those credible animals
Wonderful forests
Rich Ancient earths
Responsive and raw
Importing balefulness
Ferocious barbarity
Tearing it all down
In what is a war

With the gods and the spirits
Nature eternal
Crusading errantry
We must now care
Forget about palm oil
It wipes out all miracles
Drives away wildness
And causes despair

A poem inspired by Roman Klevets
Of Ukraine
A champion in he saving of Primeval Forests
And all that reside there

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