Bio weaponry and Spain

It’s said that Corvid 19
Might end Bull Fighting, they
Can’t get crowds to congregate
Distancing does play
A big no no for bull rings
But in many ways that be
unfortunate for the spirit
And their shockability
Spain loves killing Bulls
Loves the torture and the pain
Bulls don’t stand a chance
They are close to insane
Having been tortured before theybenter
The arena and we see
the whole cuadrills
TakeS pokes at them
There is no humility

Not in Spain they are abusers
It’s suffering all the way
They make a business out of murder
And damnation every day
MADRID is never rid of madness
Spain itself is built of Pain
Their displeasure is their treasure
A bed of thorns their gain.
Could be this bio weapon
This so called virus killer
That’s wiped out many illnesses
But then acts as a filler
All the so called old folk
Dying of old age
Have all died of the corvid bug
The numbers are off the page

The powers to be don’t want
Us congregating Anymore
Don’t want us being amiable
They would rather we were at war
With our neighbours over this or that
Wearing masks maybe
Or going and watching a fight somewhere
There are no more to see
And so the bulls get respite
The fields the grass to where
No doubt lock down for them feels good
To the matador despair
And so the Spanish apparently
Cannot support the fights
It’s the audience that pays the bills
So the bull now has more rights
The sadness for the Spanish
Is they lack empathy
They pay to see bulls tortured and taken down
The plea
From many animalrights protestors
Bulls now have to be
Not rejected
nor murdered heinously

So bully ho for Corvid
The scam that with it comes
A loss of the bull fighting crap
Let’s all bang on our drums
And herald in a period
Of no kill at the ring
It is a vile and harrowing time
That actually does bring
Coarseness and a darkly sense
Of evil to the town
Thick skinned ugly people
Whose indifference gets me down

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