Elephants dying

Such remorse and compunction
Such sadness I feel
For the number of elephants
That appeal
To my senses is heartfelt
In lockdown today
With a storm raging our
Quite simply it may

Bring so many tears to my own eyes
For I
Do so love elephants
And am not shy
To confirm I feel their pain
Their habiTats lost
And all of them tragically
Bearing the cost

20 we know of died
Yes in June
In parts of south India
And probably soon
More souls will follow
Murdered because
They were in the wrong place
At the wrong time
They was
Feeding perhaps
Or just wondering where
They could get water
Being so unaware

all tender hearted
Disposed to cry
Our lack of pity
The city so dry
Where there was once water
Now it’s no more
Wherever we go
It’s so like war

Fire crackers everywhere
Frighten us so
Electric fences
Where we cannot go
Traps and yes rifles
And spears everywhere
Too many hard hearts
No one will share

Many wrongdoers
Villains they be
Ready to stab us
Nobody’s free
Not anymore
Everywhere is a pain
And more and more of us
Are becoming insane

A few show goodwill
And offer us food
Kindness in small bits
However crude
We lap up whatever
And keep well away
From the trains and the lorries
That make us all pay

So much indifference
And unconcern
Insouciance growing
all that we learn
Is taken away
We are wary Of dangers
Now Everyday

So self preservation
Is now very high
We come upon old bones
Of those who did die
We leave our respects
We remember them well
With deliberation
We confirm here is Hell

18/6 ODISHA one
16/6 WEST BENGAL one
16/6 Same Two
14/6 ERODE One
14/6 2 year old One
13/6 OFISHA Two
13/6 same One
13/6 Calf One
10/6 CHATTISGARH three
8/6 KERALa One
5/6 One
28/5 KarnatK One

All these are the ones found probably there were many most lying lost
To the world.

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