Poor lad
Nobody to care
And few apparently aware
Out in the street
Behind a gate
And there he lay
In quite a state

We were called
And found him there.
Clearly suffering
And in despair
Wrapped him
Carried him
Took him to
The hospital
To take a view

The mange was
Really everywhere
So uncomfortable
And So unfair
Inside his body
A joyful soul
But clearly
Feeling he’ lost control

We applied some
Medicated cream
Rubbed it in
And it did seem
To be a help
For loneliness
and neglect, absolutely
Causes the stress

He wouldn’t eat
But with love and care
Talking to him
He was aware
He loved to be loved
Well we all do
And responded
Favourably it’s true

We took it on board
And loved him more
Medicated baths
Which reached his core
Which made him realise
Love was free
And be responded

Got him neutered
And loved him more
And now his tail wags
Like before
A scallywag just full of joy
A fave our ours
A lovely boy.

Animal aid unlimited

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