John Pombe Magufuli
Tanzania’s man of Peace
as for virus testing
this man did release
and is a prime mover
in deriving for us all
testing of the virus
and interpreting His call! M
quail and engine oil
and paw  paw
sheep not forgetting   goat
were All sent in  for  testing
under fictitious names they wrote
Letting the World Health Organisation
 Names  and ages they
 came back with  what  turned out to be.
Bull shite  Of the day
what a great idea
 can Anyone check findings
Someone’s Telling porkies
to help ramp up The fear
all this quality testing
 for vaccines now it’s clear
for lockdown and for ruining
the country  pants on fire
And all of this inswahili
 so we better all retire
the quail it tested positive
under a human name
the motor oil  was positive
that is what they claim
the  sheep  though Was uncertain
so 7 days inside
and the goat who hadn’t been coughing
took him for a ride
it takes a man from Africa
to see shortcoming here
testing are they jesting
what now does Appear
to be the true reality
that all this testing stinks
and what they are infact doing
is ensuring no one thinks.

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