Essential work

The essential work
is in the sky
its raining down
on us from high
aluminium and the rest
we are the bugs
and we protest
barium and lots besides
they are taking Us all
for rides
to destinations
we don’t want to be
they cross all of us  and 
geo engineering
their high jinks
and it’s affecting
you and me
animation vitality
and our life expectancy
freedoms lost
our allotted span
is all to do
with their long term plan
Gates and his cronies
rich with gold
an  baby blood
just don’t  grow old
But soon the flood
of hearts and minds
the armies growing
and the signs
of unrest are coming
as bugs fight back
now we know for certain
we are under attack.
the sky is blue
the sun is out
criss cross trails
yes we can track
the evil of the open sky
and  the shit that’s falling
we know why
smart cities 
and smart motorways
smart meters worthy of such praise
smart TV’s  we have all been conned
I must get out my magick  WAND

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