Come fly with me blue dress saga 19

Come fly with me
Dear Dawn come see
the magic that we share
be party to our wonderland
and listen to our prayer
from egg to caterpillar
from chrysalis to now
we are given wings to fly to
kingdoms far away
committed to the wonders
that make up every day
 gifted light and the miracle
of flight  we share the air
we flutter  with affection
we just love being there
its unwaveringly obvious
how proud we are to be 
exploring all the colours 
of the rainbow that we see
our haven the flower gardens
Such bounteous displays
Nectar flowing freely
perseverance  pays
Having our own identity
is distinctive   by degree
we get a  flying start
and  our sovereignty
 i am a small tortoiseshell 
And the stinging nettles  they
enrich  me ,
they are my stamping ground
Where I love to be
sitting contemplating life
in All it’s forms
and I know
the young nettle shoots offer so much
dancing too and fro
the great big world beyond us
the canopy of the sky
downy clouds drift aimlessly
looming up so high
above our heads the wonders
gifted  soulfully
the sunlight  and the stillness
And of course  the harmony
the unique surroundings
our pale green eggs we lay
each honours the promise
 made to us that day
the real thing it is coming
 firstly black and green
a pulsating caterpillar
with a sort of Vapid  sheen
around us a super abundance
of everything that’s good
a silken tent of comfort
spun fast as it should
onto  a gold  flecked chrysalis 
to hang  up on the cill
over where the nettles are growing
with free will 
it’s now July  and the Budliah
is majestically in flower
theres  a richness to his floral  lights
more special by the hour
the lusciousness  of lavender 
holds sway its scent we feel
the nectar  and the glorious 
is so very real
come fly with us let’s  flutter
on our tiny wings and see
with the sun  beaming avidly
in the shade we need to be
us pretty elementals
Let  us share the unity
the whole prismatic complex
The  colours everywhere
the magic of the morning
and  the sweetness of the air
below  a Michaelmass Daisy
the tribes are full this year 
the nectar  is resplendent 
taste  some  please  my dear
It’s  aromatic sweetness
indulge in it and feel 
the integrity of living
and what it does reveal
 Dawn wore wings of midnight blue
ber authorship sublime
embracing summer sunlight
and she  felt the poets rhyme
a constancy of being
all seeing  in  a sphere
a never ending promise
to recoup abundant cheer
such liveliness such vigour
the kinetic energy
the pip the zip it just feels hip
to whip  around and be
party with  flutterbyes
in the motherland of soul
where petals  throw their glossiness
and we complete a roll
together  flying simply
these feelings that we share
if only I could be part of your magic spell
and join you there
but I shall be in another place
probably far away
just part of a memory
that surely will always stay

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