Blue dress saga 20

Today we travel magically
to Ecuador
On the apron of the jungle
there we found
a very complex colony
of  Atta Cephalotes
leaf cutter ants
whose city did abound
my blue dress on  today
 experiencing travel
over the Andes MountAins  
so  close by
A truly  magnificent water fall
That  rained down on  the river
White water bursting skywards
and a Great long wall
A subterranium city
9 metres below
the earth and  almost
30 metres wide
hundreds  of thousands of working ants
All doing their chores
and climbing down the  ramp
I was inside
what  looked  to be  a vast 
And an  enormous Area
with thousands working 
a path  outside the place 
an army of True Foragers
cutting leaves and bringing  them
Down into the cavern 
at a pace
 cacao leaves and coffee leaves
brought into their fungi garden
the cellulose  too tough for the ants
but the fungi recreate a food
 called “gongylidia”which is  spoon fed
to the larvae and to the working Ants
to strengthen  and to otherwise enhance
a unique food made up Of an organic
lymphal  building block
of structure  What is the here the USP
its never Ever  found in the wider environment
Only in ant gardens
in effect its magical
you see
the foraging is most early evening
a mutualistic relationship exists
the fungus provides the xylan and the starches
for the ants
whikst the colony supplies the environment
a most fertile expanse
and the fungi symbiosis 
a kind of plant romance
being of equal  size is what in
a cavern of  this size
experiencing the  marching hordes
and, beginning to realise
the vital force and rhythm
and the survivability
invigorates and  animates
with mandibles so vicious
agricultural  systems
used as shears
and pliers in fact
its upsetting to the  vegetables
 ire fears
and to the by byprodufts
some of them sown below
Ecuador has land of exceptional
volcanoes driving magma to the sky
caldera’s full of water bluer than  Some ocean depths
Eagles on the katabatic  breeze
from way up high
a special kind  of fanning
carried out by farmers there
Gifts  all round And what is  A sustainable
affair .
being on the level of understanding much
tasting some samples of the food
and loving it as such
Puts s you in a position where no human
has ever been
in the vast enclosure
 Close up to their queen
experiencing their exotics
And sharing in the glee
and what is the imaginative 
footprint  for all of  destiny.

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