Blue dress saga 17 a wood lice tour

Silent souls
sensitive souls
serenity their thing
arthropods of significance
predominantly they bring
An  Aquatic group into
their being
the lobsters and the crabs
whose bodies
when covered in water
they can breathe
which kind of grabs
the ability to hold onto
the Science when one sees
The significance of the pill bugs
those little refugees.
who left the ocean bottom
and now appear to be
in A wet leafed  wonderland
and Dawn,  you magically
see what no other humans
perhaps  will ever contemplate
Your blue dress proves the magic
and  the secrets we relate
For  the lowly and the simple folk
are on a different scale
having shaken off the aquatic line
and realised the form
of hiding in damp litter
which is also very warm
and their moisture therein
Covers and allows us All to be
safe and sound  in our  leafy home
on land   And comfortably.
you are party
to this knowledge
to what is
this awesome dream
the feet of men
miracles now seem.
to be forever
played out
in the moon lit streams
as for the pseudotracheas’s
our evolution seems
onwards and upwards
Dawn my dear
where serenity
and all this happening quietly
where our precious  little lives.
tolerate the conditions
with sensory organs we
produce repellant fluids
which protect us naturally
our great Mother Nature
is ahead in all her thoughts
we feed on dead material
which a  living forest sports
so you see my lady
we speed up the decay
minerals are  returned to earth
so the seedlings  take and we all play
our part  in  The  future Forest
and you saw it first hand
with your human eyes
and your  blue dress
yes you do understand.

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