When we found him
he looked  so
the worst for wear
smothered  in mange
feeling the despair
of life 
on the streets
 Where nobody cared
just the bugs and the maggots
and the flies
tbey all shared
their violent attentions
and seemingly 
had given up living
saddened to be
feeling so dreadful
his consciousness  lost
every waking hour
a  considerable  cost
we gave him some nibbles
and a blanket and we
took him back to be cared for
and just to see
if we could save him
his skin 
was so bad
so encrusted and sore
and bleeding he had
so  much to worry him
in all the heat
the The dust and the traffic
his body his feet
terribly sore
and clearly in pain
lacking water and food
and filled with disdain
firstly we loved him
we patted him we
cuddled and hugged him
dehydrated was he
we gave  IV fluids
and bathed him each day
with medicated baths
giving love all the way
his skin cracked and bleeding
must have been really sore
his eyes  were so doleful
everywhere  raw
the baths everyday
they were  helping for sure
Hands  on, our love
he just seemed to adore
the treatments the love
and slowly we saw
crusts being replaced
 By new skin for sure
he ate well  we loved him
jts much about care
he had lived on the streets
being sworn at  and aware
that nobody loved him
nobody cared
nobody really
if his life was spared
he was resigned  to death
close to slipping away
it was  good that we got to him
yes on the day
we did
we called him “ramu”
and he
is as right as rain
for the whole world to see 
a black and tan  terrier
looking supreme
loves to take baths
in the sunIts his scene
He  is full of joy
wants to live you can see
he is out in the yard

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