A little boy discovered  Him
 Crying all alone
 Clearly  he was  suffering
deep pain from the bone
we took him to the hospital
his leg was swollen badly
the string tied tight around his leg
producing somewhat sadly
a lot of necrotic tissue
from lack of circulation
the pain was deep and  agonizing
a little operation
sedations so  we could cut away
the string  and help him heal
which we did very carefully
and cleaned  the wound 
which did reveal
a ghastly open sore of alas 
but flushed and  bandaged  be
was then encouraged gently
to eat  and try to see
that our love for this little boy
was endless and we  knew
the swelling was improving
even by day two
we maintained  the love and caring
the re bandaging  each day
walked him as he strengthened
and his deep pain went away
he soon regained his appetite
and his strength
and was walking, he
then played ball
and ran about 
tail wagging thankfully.
AnimalId unlimited
angels of the street 

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