Shooters no where to hide

Black god and pigeon extremes
From his chosen arsenal
After the crows and jackdaws
Who must feed
They love their roosts
In down town yea East Sussex
Hides built decoys in place
Perhaps a dead one flapping
When the crows come back
They know maybe the trapping
The shooting is about to happen
And nothing feeding anywhere
But then the birds are hungry
And want to land to share

Bangers that won’t scare them
They will dig in the line
And put a good few drills up
It makes the old sun shine
But farmers get all shitty
Losing dosh they say
forgetting it’s the countryside
And where the wild birds play

The trouble is the game shooters
And The gamekeepers around
Employ the shooters and give them
Space to go to ground
Champions a lot of them
Ego is their thing
Going around the world winning hardware
They can bring
back for respective clients
Who want some shooting done
and it’s the corvidae that get it
on SPRING days in the sun

Some decoys and a flapping dead bird
But nothing else around
Hiding in his purpose built hide
A Perazzi pound for pound
The best gun to get to grips with them
Watch them hit the deck
Most of them dead to the world
With a broken neck

The Perezzi comes from Botticino
In BRESCIA and we
Know that place is locked down
And how corona tragically
Is decimating communities
And might just put an end
To the making of this weaponry
Which can never be a friend

Of those of us against the killings
Of wildlife everywhere
The fact this guy at six years old
Learned then how to share
The killings and went on to make
These guns these weapons to kill
They only know how to take
Them out and more of their blood to spill.

Our hope that wild birds everywhere
Can actually breathe again
Shooters will be banned from shooting
Causing all this pain
And suffering to wild souls
Winged souls of the wild
Who should be left alone to feed
And not be so defiled

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