Selling animals for profit

A lack of understand
And of compassion too
Negative opportunism
And a shabbiness that’s true
Living breathing animals
As stock to buy and sell
Is akin to slavery
and will not auger well

Never in a million years
It’s moral turpitude
It’s aiding and abetting
However it is viewed
It’s certainly betrayal
For me it’s amorality
There Is no passion to a deal
That incorporates so much infamy

Any business out to make
A profit yea to share the cake
With living breathing thoughtful souls
Captivity can play no roles
It’s adding another factor and
Really I can’t understand

Wildness is a quality
Of birth perhaps the tragedy
Is captivity is cruelty
Is wickedness And insanity
and to work that into business
And what is profit and loss
Truly that stock item
You just don’t give a toss

How can you right off freedom
Who are you to write down stock
Devalue what is a miracle
You should be in the dock
Not running some business
With dividends and more
Clearly you are complicit
And Re breaking Nature’s Law

Pet shops are an anathema
It’s punishment for the animal
It’s punitive and far
away from love and thought and caring
Who knows where they are
Ending up what controls are there
Anything will do
As long as whoever pay the price
Then a contract will ensue

A lifetime of abundance
Or a prison sentence where
Wonderful food or nothing
Whipped each day aware
Once the sale is over
The slave goes off to be
Profitable for the seller
And for the animals misery

No sorry pet shops should be banned
They are nothing but the vilest slavery

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