Secretive savagery

There is one true angel
Of mammalian descent
Perhaps the true vegan
Who shares its consent
At the meadows of sea grass
Where sparseness is true
In those hollows of greenery
Dugongs do chew
Secretive long lived
Thoughtful they be
Close to extinction
As elephants free
To roam in audacious lament
In the coastal meadows
Perhaps heaven sent

Stellar ‘s sea cow
A cousin of long ago
Now long extinct
Who swam much below
The horizon of health
In its great wealth of knowing
It’s peaceful existence
Never overflowing

Sirenia small eyes
An eleven ounce brain
Beautiful hearing
Of the oceans refrain
Each sequence each soul urging
Sound of the deep
The notion of motion
The calming of sleep
Semi nomadic
A dolphin like tail
A tubiform body
The gentlest trail
The timbre of teeming
The cadence the soul
From the roots to the tips
Of the sea grass
Each shoal

Witnessed and studied
In sweetness and light
Each arpeggio gracing the ear drums
As slight
As is possible really
The dugong perceives
It’s harmonic vistas
Where it achieves
Much in the way
Of the sea grass and more
and in many ways really
It finds that it’s war
With the Aboriginie
The ancient race
Who hunted before
And who now does disgrace
History really despite native rights
What is happening tragically
The fewer fights

We are being slaughtered
For our oil and meat
Murdered in cold blood
Artless defeat
The illiterate see us
But fail in a way
To realise angelic seraphics say
Our end as before
With stellas sea cow
So many Lay vanquished
Really now how
Can we carry on being
Our angelic selves
With the violence and evil
The pedantry elves
Bluffing their way
Unknowing perhaps
Insensitive souls
Just common chaps

Now unenlightened
Not as before
Their ancestral wisdom
Is lost in the war
To murder us
Impale our life forms
and hear
Our death throes
Our screaming
Our ultimate fear
To the Aboriginie Nation
My message to you
From the only true vegan
That swims in the blue
That harvests the sea grass
In sparse fields and knows
It’s need is to give
And enjoy some sweet prose
It’s swirling existence
It’s destiny now
Let’s protect those still
Left the dugong or sea cow

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