Man is our worst enemy in the kitchen

To think that anyone on earth would blame
For the corona virus
Even dogs and cats
Wild animals the pangolins
Frogs and toads
It seems
We implicate some animals
When there are reams and reams
Of recipes about the world
Including so called exotic meats
In every bloody country
Chefs there cook exotic treats
China, Vietnam, South Korea
Australia rodents kangaroos then rats that
That do Appear

Huge bush meat kills in Africa
And canned hunting by the score
Fed to locals in the towns
And exported more and more
Many disease ridden
Full of bugs and worms
Smoked on site
Some not cooked well
Shen e create a place of HELL

And then we get a viral out break
And the animals are blamed
Raw baby rats and wolf cubs
It’s the chefs who should be shamed
Strung up many of them.the cruelty
They show
Often cooked alive or beaten slowly
Tortured so
Adrenaline and toxicity
And bugs all still alive
and so somebody eats them
And somehow they survive

To pass on some disease to others
This is what they do
Most comes from the exotic meat trade
Or some awful zoo
Or some vaccination
Live monkeys As we know
Thats how the polio happened in the west
Long long ago

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