Hunting LYNX in Sweden

On the IUCN red list
The wild Eurasian LYNX
A beautiful cat
Who knows where it’s at
And many a hunter thinks
They have the right to murder
To pay a special fee
To collect the skull
And the skin as their lasting trophy

This type of trophy hunting
Is seriously amiss
This hunting done at the mating time
I mean we take the piss
There are really not that many
And killings number more
Than a hundred there apparently
For them it’s like a war

Most are opportunists
Unethical it seems
Underhand and sneaky
Who really gets these dreams
To take our lovely animals
Wild cats such as these
Who are miracles of creation
Who really and honestly please

The camera men and Nature
They really are unique
For me this trophy hunting
Are a rotten clique
They prevaricate and smack
Dishonesty to me
Killing off such a handsome beast
Just Smacks of villainy

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