Today I went for a short drive
Startled then was I
To that state of expectation
To that flash of gold
Close by

And a dose of contemplation
a foretaste
So to be
Three more snowfalls before
The Winter ends
An old wives tale

It’s genus is the olive
Great for the lungs it be
To anticipate much better times
Ahead so seemingly
This Needs to be the case
The world in lockdown
At this time
The forsythia wants none of it
For its on
it’s great Spring climb

It grabs at our emotions
Its gentle floral crown
There before it finds its leaves
Pure sunshine raining down
it’s flowers produce milk sugar
Or lactose so they say
And it makes a delightful syrup
For us all on pancake day

It’s element is air
Feminine and the sun
Just peer into its flourish
And be warmed
Like gold that’s spun
By the magical transfusion
And the brilliance on the eye
As old as I am
its aura Took my breath away
And made me realise this guy

Is very much
a child at heart
Despite his advanced years
Then I sat and heard
the hum tonight
And couldn’t
hold back the tears

Monday’s an d Friday’s
Healing vibes
For all the tribes

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