Our habitat is shrinking fast
The integrity is gone
Disharmony is all around
And it’s violence now we don
That ugly cloak of darkness
To venture out now we
Feel the outstretched arms
of hunters
To a perilous degree

A new stream of consciousness
Is needed by us all
It is intellectual suicide
To believe just every call
We hear, our curiosity
Can get us shot or trapped
We have to pay attention
Our watchfulness is wrapped
Up in need and conflict
The pressure every day
For being more adaptable
Whatever people say
Not a snowballs chance in hell
Of betting what we need
With hunters on the rampage
Too many of us bleed

We have to change direction
Become more urban in the way
We hunt and work our food supplies
It’s not like everyday
You catch just what you fancy
Sometimes we have to be
In the urban jungle
Killing pet cats singly
Or rooting in the dustbins
For garbage dare I say
We were not created
To feed out in this way

We are more like the jackal
A 20 kilo dog
Ninety percent cent of what we eat
Has to be meat
We hog
The skyline in the hope
That vast percentages we achieve
But often we are eating take Away wrappers
Yes believe

Some would say that’s ludicrous
Laughable maybe
There is a deal of mendacity about
It seems to me
Wheeler dealing guile
And misinformation tragically
A general unwillingness
To appreciate our worth
Indisposed to consider us
As a party to this earth
Recoiling at our presence
Any excuse will do
The bigotry and the cussedness
It’s just speeds on through

The wicked sinful trappers
They are everywhere
A true plague on humanity
Dealers in despair
Catchers and pursuers
Hunters and the rough
Trackers yes and stalkers
Shadowy and tough

We suffer their obnoxiousness
Their hurtfulness and all
Tainted rank and mangy
Lamentably they crawl
Our Achilles heels are aching
All, our breathren sighing so
We’ve become the easy target
For the riflemen we know

They use our fur for collars
For cuffs for market stalls
these trappers they are bastards
They break all of the rules
Everyday we dice with death
And engage in forlorn hope
Looking danger in the face
We know we hardly cope

Teetering on the edge we are
Crying in our soul
Because of your lewd hunting types
Who are out of control
They torture and abuse us
If trapped it’s best we die
Before they come to collect us
Because let me tell you why

They torture us despicably
Humans are never kind
It’s just the rest of humanity
Is tragically so blind
So arrogant so ignorant
Of what goes on when we
Are trapped out in the wilderness
By your husband possibly

He may be kind to you my dear
But his evilness is extreme
He really enjoys hearing
A wild animals scream
As for karmic debts
These trappers surely they will die
Of the worst minds of cancer
Underneath the sky

That’s our bloody hope anyway

5 comments on “Coyotes

  1. Della on said:

    Outstanding poetry!
    Painful true words

  2. beautiful…id like to pass on to a couple of authorities keen on trapping…

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou Amy for coming to my blog it’s great to hear from you
      I love Coyotes they are so harmed by so many thanks
      I will write more soon

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