A busy street
A bench
And legs and me just
Lying there
Nobody taking notice
Nobody aware
Feeling flawed and broken
Not in a perfect place
Curled up
Feeling sorry for myself
Just out of place
With reality at that moment
Needed someone to see
Then someone came and picked me up
Me a small puppy

And he called me the name “buhica”
And said I had a prettyface
Really feeling so inquisitive
And from that moment in another space
Wanting to be playful
The food they gave me
Good to eat I just felt loved
And that was just because

Someone actually noticed me
A lady who before
Had been feeling sad and lonely
And shaken to the core
But really in a moment
He found me and I knew
The tail wags and the tummy
Loves the rubs
And that life was true

Stray paws was the outfit
Was betterment for me
Took me from a sad place
And showed me I could be
Everything I had ever dreamed of
And that for me was key

They shared with me their spirit
Salvation seemingly
That’s really what a bitch needs
And so recovery
Felt lovely
Like a face lift
It woke me up no end
Just laying there alone and blue
Was how I found my friend

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