What is entirely wicked

A so called lucky rabbits foot
As a key ring
Can you imagine
How the rabbit feels

Let me take you through
The whole procedure
Lots of noise
And smells
And countless squeals

As each is yanked from cages
and hung up on the wall
Their back legs hacked off
Then their throats cut
It happens to them all
They twitch and cry
and twitch and slowly die
All bleeding out
Lucky for some but not the rabbits
That’s without a doubt

This is fearsome torture
Shameful through and through
These trinkets made by monsters
And bought by monsters too
Real view mirror ornaments
Anyone who buys
You know your lucky rabbits foot
Is anything but wise

Anghing but thoughtful
Caring or humane
These animals are butchered
Many go insane
Watching family murdered
Screaming night and day
So you can have your lucky charm
To drive your shit Way

If you possess a lucky rabbits foot
My advice to you
Is your karma will be shot Away
Because you are a monster too

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