Unbelievable torture

Such betrayal
Just whoever
Became the guardian
They should
Realise their place
In this dogs life
Was that they would
Look after and create
A life not what they in fact did
Exacted terrible cruelty
Really in a bid
That only monsters anywhere
Could ever contemplate
They pierced his eyes
And blinded him
And left him to his fate
Walking in the gutter
By a busy street
We found him and we rescued him
Such villainous deceit

Looking at his popping eyes
His agony was sure
Blinded by these bastards
His gait was so unsure
The emotions that he felt
And the agony we saw
A victim of a human monster
Broken from its core
The veterinary
Clearly was overcome as well
Who ever tortured this wee soul
Came direct from hell
Eyes poked out on stilts
The methodology
Was terrible really in the extreme
The inner child in me

Screams up to the heavens
I so feel for my friend
Lost in human squalor
On someone he did depend
And this is how they treated him
This is what they do
To a warrior they blinded him
It’s wicked that’s my view.
And love and care
Clearly his eyes were lost
The bastards out there who did this
Clearly they have cost
His ability to ever see
The life from his before
But now he has a forever home
With people who adore

And he loves walking in the snow and
Being patted and caressed

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