Scarlett Hambidge

Your moon is in Libra
It’s colour is Scarlett
Your name clearly thought about
Long long ago
A great water bearer
And nobody fairer
A genuine soul as most people know

In Chinese Astrology
You are a dog
A dog of the earth
Is their finer, I ask?
You care about Nature
About animals and others
Being tactful and loving
Is your life task

13 years old
Today is your birthday
And you have a pony
“Apple crumble” by name
Clearly a sweet and delectable
Someone you talk to
And who really is game

Close to the earth
To the plants and the fresh air
Both of you love the fresh air
It feels good
Caring and sharing
And daring to be
At the top of the hill
Where much more you can see

You love all things natural
Like Orchids and roses
Delectable fragrances
Whose subtleties
Combine with pure forms
Artistic and sculptural
Tangible meaningful
Like the birds and the bee’s

To you it’s pure harmony
Balance and sharing
All is connected
The Trees to the earth
Birds in the canopy
Fungi below
A great microcosm
All part of one show

When you were born
The moon entered Libra
And long long ago
A women Of fame
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
She was a poet, one of 12 children
It was her claim to fame

Her ethos and spirit
Her own constitution
Her eyes saw a great deal
And understood much
She was like an old soul
As you are dear Scarlett
And reality proves you will never
Lose touch

You have a wise family
A great connectivity
You have a rapport
And a pertinent way
Quiet and yet passionate
In how you see life
Dear Scarlett I hope
You have a great day


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