They found him in the woods
Very much the worse for wear
Someone must have dumped him
Imagine the despair
The weakening the evil
To just be left alone
To somehow then survive
The whole experience
To be found in the woods
A victim of nature’s cruelty
Eaten up by maggots
A Flyblown tragedy
Unaware of the perils
How terribly they be
Neglected by a guardian
And lost effectively

“Rufus” one such victim
A dog whose pedigree
Was obviously centred
And was left regrettably
To fend for himself in the wild
Where he
Didn’t have the experience on the culture
And so he faced the wrath of wildness
taking on it all
Becoming beaten by the outside skirmishes
We see
His face so badly injured
By maggots everywhere
The pain the stress the awful mess
And with it the despair
When Stray Paws found him
It brought tears to the eye
Everyone who saw him felt his agony
And why
A pedigree dog would be out in the woods
And then of course
Realised improbity May have been the source

When the vet clapped eyes on him
His face was in a mess 100,000 maggots
It is hard to transgress,
this far
So much agony defenceless really too
The constant exposure
and no knowing what to do
Now he has been discovered and is now under care
We all could see he was starving
Trying to live out there

Emaciated terribly weakened through and through
We take on an undertaking
To care for souls all through
Not dump them when it suits us
Out of sight out of mind
This is not humanity
It’s horrific that we find
People clearly doing this
For “RUFUS”wasn’t born
Out there in the woods was he
But he found a new dawn
Surgery and love and care
And time to rest and play
He was so exhausted by the perilous display
Literally being eaten alive
In wild purgatory
So Fortunate that we found him
and could help him thankfully

Intuitive and sensitive
Inside himself he must
Have suffered the emotion
Which led onto disgust
At just being neglected
By a family that he knew
That purported to love him
But discarded him too
Any victim suffering as “Rufus”has
Would feel
Lost depressed and sorry
For him it’s all been real
The miserly and grudging owners
From before
Who clearly thought the matter through
And decided to ignore

Him as his sensitivity
His ebullience and his glow
They themselves were low life trolls
If only he could know
Before he chose to live with them
The vagaries of life
This is what pets take on
With humans and the strife
For many days for many weeks
For many months we cared
We loved him and we showed him
That there are people we shared
All our waking hours with him
Loving him each day
Building up the stress and pain
That he’d felt along the way

His face and skin improved a lot
His heart and soul did too
He gained weight he was healthier
And his mood changed yes all though
The healing he was improving
And now day 112 he is back to his old way
A joyful playful darling boy
Who is loved by us today

“RUFUS” one fortunate soul who made it through

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