Mary Borgstrom

A potter and an Artist
A need to excavate
A mindful glimpse through history
A medieval gait
To primitive beginnings
The Bygone forgotten days
Retroactive thinking
And all the many ways
She was part of Nature
Respecting each event
An originator
She gave her consent
To using clays and precious earths
Her Genesis deemed true
And A practical design sense
That clearly just burst through

Living in the old house
Surrounded by the trees
Hoarding all those memories
Working just to please
The many forms in nature
Crafting with hand and eye
With onion skins and leaves and others
providing the dye
She was inspired by RIEGGER
In the sixties and she saw
The different clays around the place
She painted more and more
Kinetic art and substance
intaglio and relief
Whittling chiselling chasing
She had that strong belief

Her artwork and identity
An enactment of her soul
She look backwards and through Nature
She had recognised her role
Her clarity of purpose
The complexity of how
The conciseness of tomorrow
And the need to work hard now
She had a fear of loss and thereby
Couldn’t throw away
Everything had value
And was part of everyday
She spent accumulating
Until she could no more
Like her the house was ailing
With less room on the floor.

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