When we saw him he was
badly injured
A head wound really suffering
He was
A tiny little soul
Not able to control
His movements in much pain
And that’s because
Somehow either a car
Or human being
Had beaten him
He was the worse for wear
But bravely standing up
To the emotions
And happy really to find
Someone to care

Stray Paws
At the veterinary
The top part of his head
Sliced away
Terribly infected with maggots
He must have been in agony
All day
Sedated him
And cleaned his wounds
And thoroughly
Loved and cared and helped
Him battle through
Took all the dead materials
All the maggots everything
And dressed the gaping wound
And then each day
Changed the dressings
Loved him
And in two months
We could see
Although he was still shocked and
Quite unsteady
What was key
Was he was moving better
With his collar on of course
He had a lot of spasms
But “tramp” just seemed to force
Himself to live and better
His life and day by day
Healing total healing
Has happened
In a way

He now is very perky
Playing with his friends
He loves his little basket
That is where he ends
That is his comfort place
Surely he will be
Better for a forever home
For his eternity

Goodness knows what had happened to him
To me it looked ominously like cruelty
And it’s true cruel insensitive people
Should never have animals anywhere near them

Neglecting a sick soul is a karmic debt
And people have to realise that

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