“Tinker” the little calf

Absolute and enduring
A frantic mother cries
Heart breaking
Her calf in danger
Underneath the skies
In a swamp hole
Mud and slush thorns and
Dark despair
She had
Fallen and was dying
Very few aware
The mother clearly beside herself
Whimpering Away
We were called
And realised
We needed to straight way
Climb down to the muddy soak
Clearly danger was
Imminent the calf was drowning
Really just because

He was growing weaker
Colder and afraid
He knew his mother loved him
But slowly he did fade
Remembering her mindful licks
He never would again
Experience, his tears were falling
Like the morning rain

we reached him in his mud hole
His head was almost gone
Pulled him weakened from the hole
He was now upon
the rope and rising quickly
To the surface, we
Cleaned him off wrapped him up
In a blanket urgently

Provided him with hot water bottles
He was very cold
His mother began licking him
Just trying to hold
His breath, his life, his energy
She gathered up her care
And together with IV fluids
And her love we all did share

The baby was in massive shock
Suffering such pain
But th e mothers eyes and the mothers love
Brought him back again
We tended him we cared for him
We loved him as our own
The mother she was with him too
His life she sure did own

Just one calf we saved that day
With millions probably
Being murdered as useless
In the dairies knowingly
And dairies really everywhere
Who callously display
Hatred for all baby calves
Who are murdered everyday

“Tinker” felt the warm breath
of his mother
“Tinker” was revived
and stands supreme
He will never lose his right
to drink his mothers milk
He is one sad calf
who lives his dream

Please reduce your dairy intake
And save more calves from despair

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