A street dog with a problem
Scorching in the sun
Mange had taken over
It clearly was no fun
With So much irritation
Inflamed with lots of sores
street life did exacerbate
The condition in the wars
We were called to see her
And fed her and we saw
That she was so in need of care
Just lying on the floor
Picked her up
And brought her to hospital
Where we
examined her and treated her
Helping her to free

Herself from mange
Her skin in fact was eaten up and gone
It just all felt like gravel
Such aggravation on
Her system so we gave her lots
Medicated baths
And all the while we loved her
Took her to new paths
Of care and love and nurture
She had missed all that
We all called her “shimmer”
For the light within her
Where she was at
In a few days she perked up
And the mange began to heal
And her skin was black like ebony
Which then did reveal

How “shimmer” was a great name
For she ran about at will
Wagged her tail loved cuddles
And clearly enjoyed the thrill
Of being free of the mange
And all the stresses of the street
She really is a handsome dog
Who is gentle and discreet


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