Wild Hunters

That kindly disposition
That amiability
A family with such closeness
With wild ability
Responsiveness and caring
Chivalrous both be
The great Mother behind them
Overflowing empathy
Up against pure cussedness
The spitefulness of man
Who calls himself a hunter
Making out he has a plan
Acerbity and rancour
A gloating unholy war
A passion for disturbing
An Earth like none before

The law was set to protect them
But barbarity stands firm
The ferocity where anger
Makes the innocent just squirm
A family full of newness
Blind and deaf perhaps
Out there in the sunshine
Really in the laps
Of Anubis in the high trees
Howling in the forest dark
The injurious are coming
The hooves have reached the park
The hounds they smell the wildness
Cast the evil eye
Foul-mouthed drunken swiggers
Whose every words a lie

The dark clouds hanging over
The thunder of the throng
The fear and intimidation
It’s very very strong
With viper in their bosom
They spit and spat and cry
And chase the rabid hunter
Underneath a purple sky
A soft heart in a bleeding soul
A crimson brush and he
Takes flight and fleet of foot
Through copse and thorn we see
A fire beyond emotion
And a jealous rivalry
Competitive of spirit
With a will to just break free

His splendid obligation
He has his prescriptive right
Despite the hounds rebellious run
He feels and sees the light
The reverential freedom
His vixen holed up, she
His lover in the moment
Is where he wants to be
The snooty superciliousness
Of the hunt’s fat arses they
Tally ho let’s mock and flout
Offhanded as we play
Scornful and unflattering
Whip hand in the air
gather the legs and run like hell
For the family is to where

The babes and sucklings savour
Unerring and undefiled
Whilst the chasing criminality
All of them have dialled
Into their true killing spree
And recant not them for they
Have the arrogance in them
At the end of every day
The police they turn a blind eye
The yobs forever strong
The law is there for breaking
It’s the SABs now seen as wrong
Masked up so called angels
Who interfere and try
And save the wild ones regularly
Who might otherwise all die

Their purity of morals
Faultless to a tee
Prudence justice temperance
dutiful they be
They set a good example
They are the shining light
On the side of the angels
Praiseworthy and right

Punished for their courage
Chastised for their toil
Each day a day of reckoning
When tempers clearly boil
Over and where wickedness
And iniquitous desire
Can end up in a muddy ditch
Under considerable fire

From crowds of the unpardonable
Believing themselves to be
In the right transgressing
On land that’s there’s who see
Carping niggling victims
Whose unswerving dignity
Really puts their backs up
The enlightened ones who see
As knights in shining armour
In a seraphic glow
They are the true saviours
Of the wild souls down below.

To the Saboteurs all over this fair land

Your valour and your love goes before you

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