Wickedness above all else

Wickedness above all else
Dishonesty and heinousness
The uncorrupted undefiled
Misunderstood just meek and mild
Their guiltlessness captivity
Our moral weakness and flagrancy
It’s all sharp practice all the time
Elevated by the climb
Force majeure and immunity
We exempt ourselves from their tragedy
We make excuses we disrespect
No code of honour can we detect
They show no anger to our offence
They suffer greatly with a sense
Of humility offended by
The state of mind and the reason why
It’s the hopelessness and the desperation
There’s no way out a resignation
They are on our treadmill morning till night
It’s the daily round and they have to fight
Their corner always a soulless thing
A joyless dreary meandering

Live exports misery and more
A wretchedness of what’s it for
Mortification and remorse
Being homesick yes of course
Harshness roughness severity
Persecuted constantly
A consignment, thus we be
A transfer, of property
Pass the buck pawn us all
And now our backs are against the wall
Abandoned really on the sea
Conned now by the functionary
Shackled together in a hold
Bounced about since we’ve been sold
An open dungeon a smelly hole
Lost in fact Without a role
Reduced in fact to slavery
To bondage through captivity
Disadvantaged and oppressed
Under the yoke and on a test

Trouble ahead we understand
We are in poor shape another land
The Middle East our destination
Calamitous a conflagration
Of anger fire and subjugation
Luckless hapless such a nation
Truthfully such adversity
Feelings of bellicosity
Street noise hot sun sand about
scraps and skirmishes little doubt
Poked and pushed blinkered and led
Down the gangplank seeing red
Formalistic and severe
Uncompromising around here
Heavy handed voices shouting
Coerced the discipline that no one’s doubting
It’s suffering now all the way
Our grief and sadness all they say
Is too bad we are nothing more
Than money in the bank for sure
Wretchedness and misery
And bouts of such anxiety
Qualities that live animals feel
When their painfulness is real

Australian Farmers what do they care
they wiped their hands of us despair
Our lamentation our blubbering days
The grief and the sorrow the darkest malaise
The groans and the snivels the moans and the whines
The shrieks and the yells all those sad signs
The snarling and snapping the frowning the yapping
The foul mouthed the scurrilous cold blooded sapping
Halal and what’s worse the scourge and the fright
Death the last agony and our souls flight

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