God gave us eyes

God gave us eyes
That we yes can see
The drama and torture
That happens to be
In front of our heads
As we wait in this place
Wait to be murdered
It’s such a disgrace
The blood on the walls
The screams that we hear
All of us scrunched
Up feeling such fear
No where to go
No where to hide
Just witnessing death
Just here for the ride

The men in green overalls
Wielding their blades
Cutting our throats
and as life fades
We know that our fur will be used
For a coat
And our flesh will be eaten
We know how remote
It is that we actually could
Get away
We are now for the chop
We will very soon pay
Our big ears can hear
The hearts breaking and
The sigh and the squeals
From the sick sodding band
Of humans of slaughterers
Without a care
Who put us to sleep
Who are so unaware
Of the pain that we feel
Of the fear in our soul
As they slice through our throats
and we lose all control

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